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Why is Children Dentistry Important? 

Why is Children Dentistry Important? 

May 01, 2021

Did you know that only about 25 percent of the parents actively take their children to a pediatric dentist? This shocking, considering that children at an increased risk of cavities and decay.

Your child’s oral care is important because it not only sets the path for proper dental hygiene but also prevents common dental problems. It is advisable to visit a pediatric dentist near you regularly for assessment and cleaning.

Working with a kid’s dentist offers great benefits not only to the child but also to you. Here are three reasons why you need to consider visiting a children’s dentistry in Morrisburg, ON.

1. Prevents Decay

Children are more prone to dental cavities because of poor brushing techniques and their love of high sugary foods. The bacteria in the mouth feed on sugar and the more you eat the sugary foods the higher the chances of developing cavities. According to reports, one in every two children develops cavities during their childhood. 

When you visit a children’s dental clinic, the dentist may recommend several treatments to prevent dental cavities such as: 

  • Dental cleaning and examination

A routine dental assessment gives the pediatric dentist a chance to detect any dental problem early before they cause any damage.

Remember, most dental issues like cavities and gum disease do not have obvious symptoms. By the time you notice, the problems will be advanced. When they are detected early the dentist can address the problem on time. During the routine assessment, the dentist will clean the gums to get rid of the plaque buildup from above and beneath the gum line.

  • Dental sealants and pediatric crowns 

Dental sealants are plastic coating applied on the teeth to protect them from decay and bacterial attacks. The coating is usually applied to the back teeth because they easily trap food particles. The sealants are painted on the permanent teeth and are removed after a decade.

If the child has primary teeth, the pediatric crowns are ideal. The stainless steel crowns are more suitable because they are prefabricated and do not need as many steps as the rest of the crowns. These crowns fall off with the primary teeth.

  • Fluoride treatments

Fluoride strengthens the enamel and makes it less prone to cavities. The dentist can recommend getting fluoride varnish every three, six, or 12 months depending on the risk of cavities.

2. Creates Trust 

A pediatric dentist is specialized in diagnosing and preventing dental needs in children from infancy to young adulthood. This means that you don’t need to change your dentist until the child turns 21. 

Working with one dentist creates trust and confidence, and makes it easy for your children to be comfortable during various dental procedures. It also makes it easy to store dental records for easy access when required. This enables the dentist to track any genetic dental problems that may be present.

3. Creates Strong Foundation for the Kids 

Visiting the dentist regularly will show the importance of dental care. This sets the children for better dental practices. The dentist will teach your child proper brushing techniques to prevent plaque buildup.


Q. When To Visit Your Pediatric Dentist? 

We recommend visiting a kids’ dentist when the first tooth comes out or right before they turn one. This will make it easy for the dentist to examine the gums and jaw development.

The first visit is usually short (30 minutes), but it is important. The dentist will do a quick assessment and clean the gums with a soft, wet cloth.

It is recommended to visit the dentist bi-annually or as advised for assessment and cleaning.

Q. How Can You Support Your Child’s Oral Health?

While visiting the dentist regularly is important, it is vital to have good dental practices to support your child’s dental health.

  • Clean the gums every day, especially after breastfeeding. 
  • When the first come out, use a soft and kid-friendly toothbrush to clean the teeth.
  • Give your child nutritious and teeth-friendly foods to support the teeth.

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