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Clear Aligners In Morrisburg, On

Clear Aligners

Thanks to the innovative technology in orthodontic care, many of us know adults wearing clear aligners. Although the most ideal time for orthodontic care is when the patient is still growing, today any age is the right age for alignerss.

The dental professionals at Morrisburg Dental, located in Morrisburg, ON, strive to educate their patients, new and current, on the benefits of clear aligners.

History of Clear Aligners

The first concept of effective clear aligners was introduced in 1997 through 3D computer technology and modeling. Clear, plastic-like retainers were fabricated for orthodontic patients to wear and change at regular intervals as teeth began to align. These retainer trays changed the perception of orthodontic care for adults who did not want to wear the traditional bracket-and-wire aligners.

Benefits of Clear Aligners

The benefits of clear aligners became mainstream as more adults pursued this option. Gone is the stigma of having a “metal mouth” while adults improved their appearance and the function of their smile.

The results are two-fold: patients gain confidence from improvements and corrections to their teeth, and oral health improves when teeth are properly aligned.

Straight teeth are healthier in function and form. Teeth in proper alignment gather less plaque because it is easier to clean away with proper brushing and flossing. The gums fit tighter against teeth that do not have overlaps or gaps.

Clear aligners reduce the wear on teeth. Similar to gears in a machine, there is progressive wear if not in proper alignment. Teeth that are misalignment are susceptible to chipping, breaking and wearing out at the gum line. Adult patients who have pursued corrections to their teeth will save on restorative dental procedures and will decrease the stress to the jaw.

Retaining Teeth for Life

The ultimate goal of every dental care provider is to maintain the healthy, natural teeth of all patients. Clear aligners offer adult patients the opportunity to straighten teeth for improved oral health.

Although not every adult patient will be a candidate for clear aligners, this product does provide a large percentage of adults with this care option.

The dental professionals at Morrisburg Dental, located in Morrisburg, ON, are trusted and highly recommended in orthodontic care for adults and older teens.