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Dental Bridges in Morrisburg, ON 

Dental Bridges

What Happens When Missing Teeth Are Not Replaced? 

If missing or lost teeth are not replaced, they can make the lips appear thin and flattened, and the face looks older. Since the tooth root is missing in the jawbone, the chin can also move forward and point upwards. Also, cracks and sores may develop at the corners of the mouth, or loose pouches may form on both sides of the lower jaw.

Missing teeth are not just an aesthetic compromise; they can cause serious problems. Other teeth in the dental teeth often drift of position and move out of alignment and affect your bite. This is no laughing matter.

A poor bite can prevent you from enjoying nutritive and digestive health and preclude certain favorite foods from your list. It can also result in the inability to chew and can turn mealtimes into a challenging ordeal.

Teeth that have rotated or moved out of their original position are usually much more difficult to clean; this makes them more vulnerable to decay and disease. The jawbone may also shrink over time and impact your facial shape. A conventional three-unit-bridge can help close the gap by using adjacent teeth for support.

Dental bridges can be made of metal, ceramic, or a blend of both. You would only require 2 to 3 appointments for the procedure to be completed. Morrisburg Dental is happy to help you with after-care instructions and assistance.

Our Team Can Fix Reliable Dental Bridges for Long-Term Use 

Dental bridges are lightweight and small in size and offer exceptional chewing comfort to patients. Moreover, they are effective in correcting and re-distributing the bite force that was initially compromised by your missing teeth.

Regular care, good oral hygiene, and scheduled exams, and cleanings can help your dental bridge last for many years.

Morrisburg Dental offers a comprehensive range of dental bridges, crowns, veneers, implants, and more. Call us for information on types of dental bridges, procedures, costs, and benefits.