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Emergency Dentistry in Morrisburg, ON

Emergency Dentistry

Emergency dentistry is a central component of our practice at Morrisburg Dental. In this field, our dentist and staff are trained to address situations that require immediate and often intensive care to help you and your loved ones retain optimal oral health and wellness.

What It Is

Emergency dentistry can be considered emergency room services for the mouth. It is a specialized treatment designed to handle oral wellness problems that need immediate care. The goal is to preserve overall oral health and wellness by addressing issues that cannot wait for an appointment.

At Morrisburg Dental, we use the latest techniques and technology to ensure emergency dentistry is administered quickly, efficiently, and comfortably. No appointment is necessary for this type of treatment. Instead, you will be taken immediately to see our specialist have your mouth examined, and the relevant issue addressed.

Who Needs It

Emergency dentistry is meant to treat patients who have conditions with a time limit. This means it is meant for individuals who cannot wait several days or weeks for a regular appointment. Many patients are often confused about whether or not they need emergency dentistry. If you are suffering from any of the following conditions, then you should see us right away:

  • A tooth has been physically knocked out
  • You cracked or broke a tooth
  • Your bit your tongue and cannot stop the bleeding
  • You have intense pain in your tooth or gums
  • You injured your jaw

In these situations, you need immediate treatment to restore the teeth, handle excess bleeding, and even realign the jaw.

How to Prepare

The first step to seeking emergency dentistry near you, is to try and relax. If you have knocked out one or multiple teeth, try to find them and bring them with you. Avoid the temptation to wash them. If natural tissue remains, our dentist might be able to put the teeth back in their socket and facilitate healing. If you are bleeding, stem the flow with paper towels.

Please bring someone with you to our office if you can. You might require an anesthetic and will need someone to drive you home.