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Root Canals in Morrisburg, ON

Root Canal Therapy

Although the root canal is an indispensable tool in the fight for tooth restoration, it has received a negative reputation and is often associated with pain. At Morrisburg Dental, we offer the latest technology, knowledgeable staff, and a relaxing environment so that your root canal experience is simple, efficient, and as pleasant as possible.

What Is a Root Canal?

A root canal is an endodontic procedure that focuses on the soft pulp inside of the tooth. Beyond the tough enamel that forms the exterior lies a bundle of tissues and nerves. Once tooth decay eats through the enamel, it attacks the soft pulp and can cause an infection that stretches from the crown down through the roots.

If the infection is allowed to progress, a root canal becomes necessary. During the procedure, our dentist numbs your mouth and must scrape out all of the infected pulp and tissue. They then fill the hollow tooth with a substance called gutta-percha. This allows you to continue to use the tooth even after it has been damaged.

Who Needs One?

At Morrisburg Dental, we will try other measures before settling on the root canal. Our goal is to save as much of your natural tooth as possible, and the teeth are their healthiest when they can maintain their pulp and roots. However, sometimes, you will need this treatment to live comfortably and function with optimal oral health and wellness.

The following situations can be cause for a root canal in Morrisburg, ON:

  • Cracked teeth that are leaking interior material
  • Interior tooth infection and decay
  • Damaged roots

How to Receive Treatment

If you are interested in a root canal, contact Morrisburg Dental. Our skilled dentist will meet with you for an initial appointment and exam. During the exam, our dentist will inspect the tooth and see how far an infection or decay has progressed. Afterward, you will have a consultation to discuss your options. If a root canal is necessary, it can be completed in a single appointment for your convenience.