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Dental Implants in Morrisburg, ON

Dental Implants

Are you interested in getting the best alternative to natural, healthy teeth? Dental implants last for decades with proper care, their benefits extend much beyond simple aesthetics. Dental implants help you eat, chew, laugh, smile, and speak without worrying about your teeth in any way.

Morrisburg Dental Explains How Dental Implants Work

Dental implants are somewhat like artificial dental roots, and they look rather similar to screws. When our trained dentists surgically place dental implants in your jawbone, they bond or fuse with the jawbone.

Once they’re fused with the bone, they act as sturdy supports for artificial teeth or dental crowns. The dentist carefully places a connector (these are referred to as ‘abutments’) that are capable of securely holding crowns. We carefully take digital impressions of your teeth to ensure that the crowns are a natural fit for your implants.

Dental implants are extremely strong and can support crowns and artificial teeth for several years – or even decades. When done by a qualified dental implant specialist, dental implant procedures are extremely safe, beneficial, and effective.

Value and Cost of Dental Implants

The cost of dental implants varies across patients as no two patients have the same requirements. You may be surprised at how cost-effective dental implants can be, especially when you consider their durability and benefits.

The total cost for your dental implant procedure may vary depending on a number of factors such as:

  • The number of dental implants
  • Location of the dental implants
  • The type of dental implants
  • The requirement for additional procedures for preparing for the implants

Our dental procedures are specially customized for each patient, and the costs will vary accordingly. Please feel free to discuss the procedures and costs with our friendly team. They’ll be happy to help you with insurance plans and flexible payment options.

Other alternatives, such as bridges and dentures, may appear to be less expensive, but these costs may be duplicated 5 to 6 six years down the line when you need them replaced.

Call, email, or visit Morrisburg Dental today for more information about high quality and reliable dental implants.

$999 Dental Implants